We at Eurotex believe that Egyptian workmanship in tailoring and sewing is of one of the best there is worldwide, and Egypt has a long history in trendsetting from Ancient Egyptian times that has sounded out throughout the ages and even to modern day fashion. Our ultimate goal is to achieve and retain market leadership in denim garment manufacturing, by utilizing this undying skill that is readily and strongly present in the Egyptian market, to best serve our clients and produce the highest quality standard of jeans products. We understand the need to excel through continuous improvement and through ethical practices as our overall philosophy.


Our vision is to be a pioneer in the ready-made garments industry while prioritizing our clients needs in order to form a solid partnership. At Eurotex we aim to deliver complete satisfaction towards our clients’ needs, while remaining both efficient and profitable, towards our stakeholders. We aim to create the optimum environment for our employees to excel and grow as our goal is to gather the most skillful and talented people in order to deliver and maintain our outstanding quality. We are committed to abide by the Egyptian laws with the highest degree of respect to the community and the environment we operate within.

Amal Ibrahim Abdelhamid Chairman of Eurotex Garments Co.


Key partners, efficiency, reliability, and adaptability, customer care and quality control are all cornerstones that partake in the buildup process of success in our industry. We here at Eurotex Garments Co. have formulated a “balanced” means by which these key elements are used to achieve our ambitions and vision. I am particularly honored to be the Chairman of Eurotex Garments Co. and proud to be working alongside our valued partners, Gianandrea Rosa, Marco Vonrufs and Stephan Schoffer, who strongly facilitated the fostering of an innovative culture where insightful, skilled, passionate and committed people work together to fulfill our vision, alongside creating a partnership with our clients as we believe that a balance between product and service is core to our strategy. At Eurotex Garments Co. we all work to the highest standards of professional excellence and integrity. Our working style is a reflection of how our values get translated throughout our daily lives, how clients experience working with us and how we deliver on our promises.

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